FIRST AID IN THE FIELD Mini tractors and attachments for all occasions

Agriculture is an integral part of the economy of the Crimea. And despite the difficult times today, in the future this industry will only develop and increase production volumes. However, in order for these gracious times to come as soon as possible, it is worth starting with mechanization.



Before the Crimean agro-industrial complex, huge prospects open up in the form of an open Russian market, the internal trade turnover of which amounts to trillions of dollars. After the entry of the peninsula into Russia, many administrative and economic barriers “slept”, now it is more profitable than ever to sell goods of our own production, but also to acquire the necessary and modern agricultural equipment.


So one of the leading enterprises of the machine-building complex is LLC “Tractor”. The South Urals company, for 20 years now, has been producing quality small-size equipment. The main activity is the manufacture, sale and service of mini-tractors and implements to them. 11 models of small tractors, including the famous “Uralets”, and more than 50 names of mounted and trailed equipment for them have been developed and produced on their own squares.

Today, South Ural vehicles help farmers in many regions of Russia, CIS countries, partners from Poland and Spain are interested in the technology of the task. All because many of the tools of the company are unique and have the widest application. For the Crimean farmers involved in fruit and vegetable farming, the soil before planting will be helped by plows, rototillers, cultivators; quickly prepare a site for planting, erect a fence • “pneumo-drills” go into battle. For excavation work, a mounted front loader and excavator, bulldozer dumps and shovels are ready. Available tractor trailers, mowers, equipment for irrigation and spraying.


A wide range of tools is the result of fruitful work of the company’s own design office. However, engineers do not stop there, making a bid for the production of whole harvesting complexes.

“Today, the Crimea provides itself with only 30% of its food,” says the director of OOO “Tractor” Vladimir ANDRYUSHCHENKO, “in order to rapidly increase the output of agricultural products, it is necessary to act the whole world. What potatoes should be planted with a shovel? – our task is to mechanize this work, that is, to use mini-tractors and attachments. Moreover, our company produces ready-made hay-harvesting and potato-growing complexes. This technique is very in demand and pays off in just one year. “

Manoeuvrable and economical (in the shift takes 7-8 liters of diesel fuel) minitractors are ideally suited for the conditions of the Crimea: cultivating a hectare of vineyards, gardens and lands on the crossed, mountainous terrain – such a huge job is designed to facilitate this convenient technique. By the way, developers pay due attention to the environment. Mini-tractors fully comply with the standards of EURO-3, which reduces the carcinogens content in exhaust gases by almost two times (in comparison with the norms of EURO-2). A significant plus for those who grow organic products on a production scale or scale of personal economy.

The company is responsive to consumers with utmost responsibility, providing, firstly, a 2-year warranty on the tractor and 1 year on the tools, the possibility of maintenance and repair. And secondly, ordering spare parts from the catalog, which is much more important for a regular buyer.

Krymchans will soon have the opportunity to see personally the advantages of South Urals machinery and equipment, which allows to produce a full cycle of agricultural work. After the new year, the first mini-tractor to go to the republic.