Tractors of Emanjelinsky will leave for Spain

South Ural tractors will plow the fields of Spain. The region develops international trade relations. Today, the Spanish consul has visited the production of Uralec mini tractors to negotiate the purchase of a batch of equipment.

Emanzhelinsk can cash in on Spain. Foreign buyers were interested in local equipment – in the opinion of the foreign consul, there are very good technologies in the Urals, so he accepted the invitation of the local administration and came to see the production.

Francisco Borja, Honorary Consul of Spain: “There is no connection between Spain and the Urals in many topics, so here I have an honorary consulate since April, my task is to make this connection.”

Today the consul visited the Emangeline production of mini tractors. This technique can help in the development of agriculture in Spain, which in recent years has slowed down. And for Emanzhelinsk such cooperation can become a good source of profit.

Yevgeny Svetlov, head of the Emanzhelinsky Municipal District: “It is remarkable that despite the sanctions imposed by a number of Western countries, Spain is ready to cooperate and is interested in this.”

Now the countries are negotiating. If they are successful, Spain will buy a batch of ready-made equipment in Yemanzhelin or open production of Russian tractors on its territory.

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