The Uralic Worker conquers Europe

Irreplaceable, economical assistant in small and medium-sized agricultural business, in the subsidiary farm, in the garden plot, and in the municipal structures of the housing and communal services. All this is about a mini-tractor under the well-known brand “Uralets”.

The Uralic Worker conquers Europe

Today “Urals” work in many parts of Russia, CIS countries, the republics of the Customs Union. The other day, a delegation headed by the Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Spain in the Urals Federal District, Francisco de Borja Rodriguez-Pantoja de Ori, arrived in Emanzhelinsk, where the company’s main production is located (LLC “Tractor”).


Standing in two rows of handsome “Urals”, nearby – samples of trailed equipment, some of which are really unique, is the result of many years of work by the company’s engineers and scientists.

“We are actively developing the Russian market, the CIS market,” says Vladimir Andryushchenko, director of OOO Tractor. – Now we are negotiating the deliveries of our trailers to the Republic of Poland. Interest of Europeans is connected with attractive price and high quality of our products. In addition, they have the opportunity to work directly with us, as with manufacturers. The representative of the Consulate General of Poland in Russia showed assistance in promoting such projects.

So, for example, one such trailer for Europeans will cost about 800 euros, and a mini-tractor – about 2500 euros. Prices, in comparison with European, are very, very acceptable. By the way, for the Russian buyer the price is quite affordable, from 150 thousand rubles.

As for our market, in addition to the tractors themselves, we offer a whole range of products from the range of attachments (more than 50 items).

Vladimir Andryushchenko also managed to hit the Spaniards with a number of attachments. That there is only a potato harvesting complex, developed by the company’s specialists and scientists-agrarians.

– One of its main advantages is high speed of tillage (8-10 km / h) and versatility, – Vladimir Andryushchenko explains. – The versatility lies in the fact that the complex can work as a plow, a rototiller, a potato digger and a botulist. At the same time the complex works very “sparing”. In other words, it does not damage the fetus itself.

Spain in its time, before the introduction of sanctions, supplied to the Russian market about 35 percent of all imported potatoes. We can well count on the fact that sooner or later the Spaniards will try to use our equipment. This will serve as an even greater impetus for mutually beneficial cooperation. The main thing is that the impetus to such a dialogue is given.


“Spain does not actively work with South Urals companies yet, we do not have economic or cultural ties,” says Francisco de Borja. “But we have much in common, two of our people are somewhat similar in their mentality, characteristic features.” The prospects for cooperation, I think, are very good.

Speaking about specific projects, the company “Tractor” pleasantly surprised by the attractive price and quality of its products. With detailed elaboration of such projects, they can be implemented. All the proposals I, including, I transfer to our embassy, ​​where all the information is addressed to the profile industrial structures. Such projects have a future.

Yevgeny Svetlov, head of the Emanzhelinsky municipal district:

– This is the first visit of the Spanish delegation to our municipal district. And we have something to show what to offer to foreign partners. Investment sites are designed to attract businesses of very different directions. We are ready for mutually beneficial cooperation.

As for cooperation with the company “Tractor”, I can say that this enterprise has been working successfully in this market for a long time. The head of the company in due time became one of the first businessmen in our municipal area.

Julia Dida, Deputy Head of the Department for External Economic Relations of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Chelyabinsk Region:

“Our region is not so actively cooperating with the Spanish side, and I hope that such visits will be a good starting point for a mutually beneficial partnership.

The Spanish consul noted that now their Kingdom is on an equal footing with other European countries experiencing difficult times from the economic point of view and they are ready to work with Russia in many areas, both in import and export direction.


* LLC “Tractor” produces 12 models of mini tractors with a capacity from 16 to 40 liters. s., 50 names of tools of the most diverse profile for the agrarian, housing, construction sectors (plows, rototillers, harrows, cultivators, mowers, rakes, balers (for rolls) for collecting forage, mowers (with bunker), various types of shovels, snowplows , buckets, trailers, utility brushes and stuff).

* For a day of work, the mini-tractor Uralets burns up about a bucket of diesel fuel. The MTZ tractor of such quantity of fuel will suffice only for an hour. The payback of the mini-tractor Uralets is one – a maximum of two seasons.

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