Privolzhsky Field Day – 2014

From July 10 to July 11, 2014, the district agro-industrial forum “Privolzhsky Field Day – 2014” was held at the educational and experimental field of the Orenburg Agrarian University in the village of Prigorodnoye, Orenburg District. The platform for discussing the prospects for the development of agriculture in the Volga Federal District was chosen not accidentally – the Orenburg region is famous for its chernozem soils and intensive development of fertile land. It is noteworthy that the region ranks first in Russia in terms of gross grain harvest.


Experts from agro-industrial enterprises from 14 regions of the Russian Federation and three oblasts of the Republic of Kazakhstan came to exchange experiences on growing a rich harvest and to see innovations in the field of agricultural equipment in the Orenburg region.

Within the framework of the exhibition more than 70 companies presented more than 100 units of soil cultivation, seeding, grain harvesting, forage processing equipment. On the site it was possible to find equipment for cleaning, transporting and storing grain and forage crops, crop protection agents from pests, fertilizers and growth stimulators, components for agricultural machinery.

The heads of the agro-industrial enterprises, machine operators, farmers, agronomists, officials, owners of peasant farms held a meeting of the Expert Council, where they discussed the prospects for the industry development in the Volga Federal District, got acquainted with the presented equipment.

The exhibition was attended by the authorized representative of the President in the Volga Federal District Mr. Babich M.V. and the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Mr. Fedorov NV, and, of course, the governors and deputy ministers for agriculture of the adjacent regions.

The exposition of minitractors of our representatives in the Orenburg region and especially the stove of “Emelya” – was attacked by representatives of the press and television and covered in all current news feeds. Complemented the color and attracted attention to the exposition of minitractors suit Emeli, and pike for making wishes in a wooden tub.

The district agro-industrial forum “Privolzhsky Field Day – 2014” has become an effective platform for acquaintance with novelties in the field of agricultural production, demonstration of goods and services, obtaining the possibility of financing projects under targeted state programs and discussing the current problems of the industry.