Test-survey of the Uralets-180 minitractor

At “Sabantui – 2012” witnessed how two villagers bought mini tractors. It’s necessary – to come to the national festivities, and leave with the tractor! What I saw so impressed me, that I decided to call the producers of those same “iron horses”.

In OOO “Tractor”, in my opinion, they were delighted with what they heard; in any case, expressed the desire to send to the editorial office several models of mini tractors:

– You test them, run them, and then share your impressions. All the costs of operation and operation of tractors – on your shoulders.

Ten days passed, and again the call from the Chelyabinsk region: the truck of OOO Tractor is already in your city, unload the tractor.

Yes, this is Uralets-180. Small, with a half-passenger car. Cherry red, with slanting eyes, that is, headlights. Ba, yes this is a Chinaman! Chinese of Russian blood. Russian blood, because they collect it in Russia, in the Chelyabinsk region.

The instrument panel of the Urals is simple: oil pressure sensors, battery charge and coolant temperature. Also, the turn switch, the tumblers of the horn and the front and rear lights, the ignition switch. And that’s it! This stern Chelyabinsk tractor!

Let’s see what this “Uralets” can do. After I have pumped the fuel pump, I squeeze the clutch and gas pedals completely, turn on the decompression and turn the ignition key. Electrostarter swiftly untwists the flywheel of a two-piston (two-cylinder) engine, gradually thinning and dispersing oil in the crankcase, as evidenced by the arrow of the oil pressure sensor. Ah, does not like diesel to start in the winter cold! On the third attempt I decide to turn off the decompression: the electric starter sharply slows down, but does not stop. Finally, spewing clouds of blue smoke, he earned a diesel. After waiting a couple of minutes, release the clutch, adjust the manual supply of fuel. Everything, the tractor is ready for working days.

While the engine is warming, I run my eyes through the technical documentation of the “Urals”. How to start, how to operate, how to carry out maintenance. And here is the catalog, which details all the details of the mini tractors, starting from the knob of the gearshift lever and ending with the last left-hand carving of the crankshaft.

I was pleasantly surprised by the speed range of the mini tractor. Three forward speeds, one reverse, plus their increased and reduced variations, is enough to find the optimal mowing regime depending on the terrain, weather conditions and the type of grass cover. And on the “third elevated” (27 k / h!) In the heat can be driven to the nearest river – swim!

Almost “violated” in the territory, I stop; further it would be nice to study the possibilities of using additional hinged aggregates. Although, of the additional units, only the rear shovel provided to us with the tractor is available. According to the season, as I understand it. Well, let’s clean up the snow. Standard, familiar from childhood three-point hitching system, on which I fixed the shovel for 2 minutes. The shovel is like a toy: 30-40 kilograms of weight, 120 centimeters of width, stiffeners.

This time the tractor started with a “half-bucket”. That’s why I like the “atmospheric” diesel, so this is for the lack of any problems, like the quality of the “spark”, setting the advance angle, the gap of the spark plugs, etc. Here, the main thing is that diesel fuel should be of high quality. On the “left” diesel fuel, bought at half price from a neighbor “Belazista”, you will not go far. You can leave, but the injection pump will be covered at the most inopportune moment, and this – additional costs: for repairs, tuning fuel equipment, destroyed nerve cells, finally.

I lower the shovel and begin to shovel snow on the second lower gear. After passing about 20 meters, the “Uralets” slowed down, and now we are not going forward, but standing in place and rowing the rear wheels with air. M-yes, this is not a bulldozer, alas. 940 kilograms of mini-tractor, plus my weight of 70 kg – this is clearly not enough for a good, reliable traction of the tractor wheels with snow. I raise the shovel, and continue to advance light. So, in two approaches it is possible to finish cleaning the snow along the entire length of the asphalt track length of 30 meters. So, the algorithm of actions is as follows: first you need to rake the snow with a shovel that is loosely pressed to the soil, and then – ride through the second time, cleaning the leftovers. It will be incomparably slower than on the T-170, but definitely faster than a brigade of “communal workers,” armed with scrapers and snow shovels.

Three days later, as at the disposal of the editorial board appeared a mini-tractor Uralets-180. During this time, I can say, I managed to love this car. Judge for yourself: economical, easy to manage, beautiful, in the end – ends. Even from a purely practical point of view, it has more pluses rather than minuses: an electric starter, a fuel pump, a gear pump, a gearbox, a fuel and oil filter – everything is at hand, in easily accessible places. Happen, God forbid, to start repairs in the field, to disassemble one or another node will spend a minimum of time. The mechanics know how troublesome it is to “disentangle” the universal tractor, the same MTZ or YMZZ: it will require tackles, several assistants and many “repair-hours”. With the “Urals” the same problems are fewer times smaller: he set up two logs for the tractor, unscrewed 10 bolts, removed four rods, 4 tubes, and now you have removed a small motor. He threw it into the trunk of his car, drove to the nearest SRT, left it on the “captain” – that’s all.

In general, I was so enthusiastic about this tractor that I decided to share this same enthusiasm with the whole population of Sibai and Baimak district. Well, or with the most curious part of this very population. It is resolved – we go to the collective farm market!

If you agree with the statement that the money saved is the money earned, then I earned 200 rubles in the bazaar. The entrance to the market for equipment put up for sale was worth 200 rubles, so I saved them by driving not through the guarded gates, but through a pedestrian gate that is out of sight of guards, that’s it! The tractor with dimensions of 2530x1200x1700mm will crawl into any slot. He brazenly drove into the territory, took his place among the cars being sold, and waited for the curious. I did not have to wait long.

The overwhelming majority of people approached with the same words:

– Well, and how much is this toy?

Seeing that the “toy” unfolds almost on the spot, has a power take-off shaft at 540 rpm, a hydraulic hitch with a payload capacity of 350 kg, an electric start, a differential, can work with more than 20 kinds of mounted units, all the inquisers came in the same delight, as well as your humble servant. True, one or two skeptics were interested in the answer to the question – in which case, is it possible to find spare parts for them?

– All spare parts are supplied in the catalog. In general, when selling a tractor is equipped with spare filters, liners on the crankshaft, oil seals and even plunger pairs.

The answer calmed everyone; and then I did a control shot in the head:

– For a whole day of work in the haymaking he consumes 7, on the strength of 8 liters of diesel fuel, yes-yes.

The general impressions of Ural-180 were pleasant. If the tractor is useful in the winter, then in summer, he certainly will not be the price – it’s like twice two four! A variety of speeds of movement – once, the availability of a power take-off shaft – two, a three-way hydraulic hitch, an easy start of the engine – four, a comfortable seat – five. Also, do not forget about the wide range of attachments. But the most important advantage of this tractor, of course, is the economy: for all the time that the tractor was at our disposal, we refueled it only once, filled 12 liters of diesel fuel, and everything on it. Work out a shift with 7-8 liters of solar oil, which is now worth its weight in gold – what is not fantastic? Buy such a helper, and live-rejoice in the life of the envy of others.