Comparison of the cost of operation of tractors

When buying a mini-tractor, the buyer often wants to save money. But this is not only when buying a tractor. I would like to, and during the operation, the cost of the minitractor remained low. Our company carried out research on the cost of operating various tractors. We are happy to tell you the results of the study. When reprinting the comparison, specify a link to our site. What did we compare? Our compact tractors Uralets 160, Uralets 180, Jinma-244 (JM-244) and the most famous Soviet tractors MTZ-80, tractors from Vladimir and Lipetsk plants.


We compared the cost of 1 km of the tractor’s path. Do you need a tractor for the transport of goods? And you do not want to pour a bucket of diesel fuel? The most economical is the little Uralets 160.


And now let’s compare the cost of one hectare of haymaking. It seemed that this is where the big tractors should not have let us down. But for hay making it does not require a lot of power, and the minitractors themselves are much cheaper. Uralets and Jinma are ahead again!