Snow chains on the minitractor wheel

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Despite the impressive protector of the wheels of the minitractor, its patency is not enough on ice, gravel or slippery grass. The problem is partially solved by locking the differential. The only difficulty here is that Minitractors with differential lock are only released from the factory. Therefore, if your minitractor does not have this option, we will not be able to install it.

In this case, our novelty comes to your aid – Chains of anti-skid on the leading wheels of the minitractor. The chain is evenly distributed over the surface of the wheel, increasing grip on the road.

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In order to wear snow chains on the wheels of the minitractor, the chains are laid out in front of the wheels of one axis exactly along the axis of travel, so that the locks on the outer side chain are on the outside (on the side) and “looked” forward. The hook of the rear side chain must be on the inside (towards the bottom). Next, you need to drive the wheels on the chain so as to stop at 20-30 cm from their end. After that, you should put most of the chain on the wheel and hook the hook from the inside. Then you need to straighten all the links on the wheel, then hook on the lock of the outer side chain. Then you need to do the “rolling”, after traveling 10-50 m, so that the chain is settled, then again tighten the locks.

Snow chains are made of hot rod, have a convenient latch, they are installed without removing the wheel.

They will be given out on a slippery winter road and driving on slippery grass and mud.

Especially for you we can make chains of any size of wheels