Excavator installation on a mini tractor 18 – 40 hp.

160 000 руб.

Excavator plant is produced in Chelyabinsk and installed on a tractor of the Uralets family


Name of indicators, units of measurementsvalue
Type of excavatorSuspended one-shaft incomplete rotation on pneumatic wheel
Excavator indexeDF-24
Constructive weight, kg280
Length in transport position in the machine with tractor, mm4000
Width in transport position, mm1425
Height in transport position, mm2320
Weight in unit with tractor, kg1360
Specific pressure on the rear wheel ground of the base tractor with a mounted excavator, kgf / cm.3
Bucket capacity, m30.024 (0.048)
Carrying capacity, kg100
Maximum depth of digging, mm1700
Maximum digging radius, mm3300
Maximum unloading height, mm1980
Unloading radius at maximum height, mm2480
The greatest effort on the cutting contour of the bucket when digging the cylinder handle, kgf400
The greatest effort on the cutting contour of the bucket when digging the bucket cylinder, kgf1430
Angular velocity of the rotary column, rad / s1.3 (12.5 rpm)
Angle of rotation of the boom in the plan, rad (deg)2.6 (150)
Average time of a working cycle at combination of operations and at turn of a rotary column on an unloading in transport on 80 degrees,15
Technical productivity, cubic meter / h4.2
Number of pumps on the base tractor, pcs.1
Maximum pump capacity, l / min21
Pressure in the hydraulic system, kgf / cm.163
The capacity of the hydraulic system of the excavator (excluding the oil in the hydraulic tank of the basic tractor), l3.5
Type of running gear of the basic tractor DF JMwheeled
Travel speed of the base tractor, km / h0.2 … 27
Basic tractor braking systemDrive to the rear wheels, mechanical
Operating equipment managementlever
Engine power of the base tractor, hp24
engine’s typeFour-stroke, three-cylinder, diesel
Used in the hydraulic system of the excavator oilAccording to the ER on the tractor