Body rear-mounted

17 000 руб.

The body is one of the most necessary weights for the minitractor! The bucket is mounted on the hydraulics. The body volume is 0.26 kb.m and 0.31 kb.m. The rear side of the body is removable. It is used for transporting snow and loose materials. For loading, the following method can be used: lowering the bucket to the minimum height, rearward driving into a pile of snow, sand, etc., lifting the bucket, installing the tailgate and transporting it to the desired location. Lowering, removing the tailgate and upper finger (upper link), raising the bucket, the bucket turns on the lower links and tilts. In this way, it is possible to transport snow collected by the blade, or garbage after the sweeping brush.


Volume, kb.m 0.26 0.31
Carrying capacity, kg 150 150
Minimum required tractor power, hp 16 16
Weight, kg 50 70