Semitrailer tractor dump truck P-03

Цену уточняйте у менеджера

Semitrailer tractor dump with folding rear side and non-removable side. It is designed for transportation of bulk cargo, building materials, garbage, etc. The design is fully developed and created by our company.

The reinforced beads and the body platform allow mechanical loading without the risk of damaging the trailer.




We are ready to list the advantages of our trailer for hours, but, having regretted your time, decided to stop at the top ten most important and useful advantages.

  1. Each trailer produced by our plant has a certificate of quality in the set of documents of the PSM, which makes it possible to move with a trailer not only “in the village of grandfather”, but also on any federal highway. The entire package of documents for registering the trailer in the bodies of the Technical Supervision Authority is provided.
  2. All trailers produced by LLC “Tractor” have passed certification tests and meet the strict requirements of Russian GOSTs for each parameter:
    • Trailers P03 are designed for storage in open areas due to wear-resistant high-quality coating from Russian manufacturers;
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    • Diameter, thickness and hardness of the material of the coupling loop comply with the requirements of GOST 13398 – 82, which ensures reliable operation and virtually eliminates the probability of a sudden failure of the trailer’s TCS. The hinge is detachable. And for safety, safety chains are additionally installed;
    • The height of the ground clearance is more than 310 mm, which ensures good traversibility of the trailer.
    • The rear bumper of the trailer performs not only the functions of the lamp holder and the number, but also the rear protective device;
    • The electrical system, the rear lights and the license plate lights are in accordance with the requirements of the standards;
    • The construction of the trailer provides sufficient stability at the rear unloading on a platform with a slope;
  3. The vertical static load on the traction hook of the tractor with the trailer loaded is 235 kg, with empty – 68 kg, which is more than 3% of the empty trailer weight;
  4. The angle of inclination of the floor of the raised platform during unloading is 58 ° (according to GOST must be not less than 50 °). The platform is raised from the hydraulic system of the tractor with the help of a hydraulic cylinder manufactured by the leading Russian plant “Omskgidroprivod”. Due to this, the platform lifting speed is also quite high.
  5. The platform loading height is only about 730 mm, which is very convenient if you need to manually load or unload the trailer. And the length and design of the drawbar provide good stability at the turn.
  6. If the volume of the body is not enough, you can install extra boards. What is needed for this? Yes, practically nothing! On the sides of trailer P03 there are holders for additional sides, therefore in this capacity it is possible to use boards of sufficient length.
  7. When developing the design documentation, calculations were carried out for the strength and stability of the product.
  8. Metal bent beads with amplifiers proved to be much more durable than beads made of profiled sheet. The rigidity and thickness of the sides and floor of the platform enable the mechanical loading of the trailer.
  9. The device for opening the tailgate is designed in such a way that during unloading the safety of the lower side is ensured.
  10. On the sides of the trailer there are all warning and prohibiting inscriptions, signs and designations provided for by the GOST.
Technical characteristics of a tractor tipper semi-trailer
Gross vehicle weight (kg) 1500
Power minitractor (hp) 12 – 40
Overall dimensions with drawbar in lowered form (LxWxH) (mm) 3254х1550х1222
Internal body dimensions (mm) 1910х1470×300
Bead height (mm) 300
Possible increase of the bead up to (mm) 520
Hydraulic cylinder drive from the hydraulic system
Maximum elevation angle (degrees) 55
Clearance (mm) 312
Own weight of semi-trailer (kg) 320