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The hoe-cultivator-ripper is suitable for assembly with a traction class minitractor of 0.2 power from 12 hp.

This hinged implement is used to prepare planting grooves for vegetable crops and subsequent inter-row cultivation of soil on small plots of land in personal plots, for continuous cultivation of soil, inter-row cultivation, loosening of the soil, hilling of agricultural plants and slicing furrows. Adjustment and assembly of the cultivator-hiller with paws will not be difficult due to the simplicity and reliability of the structure.

The performance of the cultivator-hiller may differ from the image in the photograph.


Operating speed, km / h, not more than 4.2
Depth of treatment, cm
when cultivating and hilling, not more 12
when loosening and slicing furrows, not more than 15
Working width, cm
with continuous cultivation, no less than 145
one cultivator paw, not less 22
one paw of a hiller, not less than 26th
Productivity, Ha / h, not less than
with continuous interrow cultivation and loosening of the soil 0.45
when the plants are hilled and sliced 0.40
Overall dimensions, mm 1350x1500x650
Weight, kg, no more than 60