Rotary mower

81 200 руб.

The rotary mower for mini tractors is designed for mowing grass.

The mower is designed for tractors with a pulling force of 0.4 tons (Uralets-180 and its modifications)

Mowing of weaving plants (clover, alfalfa) is carried out at the minimum speed with the protection of the rotors installed.

The mower is not designed to work on slopes with a positive gradient of more than 10 degrees relative to the tractor.


Before mowing do not forget to rearrange the fixing bolt of the movable frame from the transport position to the working one.


Bevel width (mm.) 1300
Number of disks (pcs.) 2
Number of knives (pcs.) 6 (3 pcs / disk)
Drive of rotors belt
Weight (kg.) 144
Overall dimensions LxWxH (mm.) 2207 х 644 х 751