Rake-tedder wedge-toothed single-winged

35 000 руб.

Tedder rakes are designed to rake the dried and dried grassy mass (including straw) from the swaths to the rollers of a given width to collect the presser, tearing it in the swaths, and wrapping the rolls caught in the rain. Provide a high quality collection of grass in a loose, untwisted roll. The rake damping system allows the raking wheels to easily adapt to any terrain for raking, tumbling or wrapping.


A typewheel-to-finger
Aggregation methodhinged
Number of scraping wheels (pcs)4
Working width (m)2.2
Diameter of the disc (m)1.1
Operating speed (km / h)up to 20
Minimum tractor power (hp)18
Weight (kg)115