Exhibition of Uralets micro-tractors in Kyrgyzstan

Exhibition of Uralets micro-tractors in Kyrgyzstan

V International Agroindustrial Exhibition AYYL-AGRO, held with the support of the Rosspetsmash Association, from 17 to 19 May 2017, is the central industry platform for demonstrating the latest technical solutions in the agro-industrial complex. AYYL-AGRO is the only exhibition in the Kyrgyz Republic representing the full range of machinery and technologies for the agro-industrial complex from the world’s leading manufacturers.

At the “AYYL-AGRO” exhibition this year, the products of the Russian companies-members of the Rosspetsmash Association were traditionally widely represented: harvesters of the Rostselmash plant, Klever presses, soil processing equipment of the Rubtsovsk plant of spare parts, low-power tractors “Uralets” produced by LLC “Tractor” and other equipment.

Traditionally, all these agricultural machines enjoyed an increased interest, but the furor was caused by mini tractors “Uralets”. They are very suitable for working in shallow-contour fields, which are typical for the Kyrgyz Republic. In addition, this equipment can be purchased in full leasing.

The exhibition showed that the Kyrgyz market is interested in acquiring Russian machinery.


A source: http://ati.su/Media/PrintNews.aspx?ID=129854

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