Minitractor Uralets-220

290 500 руб.


Minitractor Uralets-220 – the most powerful of the entire line of Urals, as always, consumes little fuel, unpretentious and easy to maintain. Large power and pulling force on the hook allow using with the tractor such attachments, which we previously offered only to Jinma tractors.

Tractor Uralets 220 already this season is ready to work in the greenhouse, field, vegetable garden and in any other place, where there is an opportunity to come and go!

The tractor is completed:

  • security arc;
  • a license plate bracket;
  • a fire extinguisher holder;
  • PSM ;
  • the recycling fee is paid, not separately allocated .
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Tractive force on the hook (H) 3900
Dimensions (mm) 2530x1200x1750
Operating weight (kg) 960
Min. Turning radius (m) 3.9
Speed ​​(km / h) 2.47-27.35
Transmission (3 + 1) * 2
type of drive 2×4
PTO shaft (rpm) (rpm) 540
Diesel vertical with water cooling TY295
Number of cylinders 2
Power (hp / kW) 22 / 16,18
Turnovers (rpm) 2300
Fuel consumption (gr / kW * h) <259
Start the engine electric starter
Separate braking of the rear wheels there is
Adjustable front wheel track (mm) 960 – 1300
Adjustable track of rear wheels (mm) 990 – 1250


Additional options include the differential lock, it is not included in the standard tractor kit, it is purchased as a separate option. When buying a tractor with this option, it is delivered already with an interlock from the factory. The lock is not installed in the future, the parts are not delivered separately.