Minitractor Uralets-220-Communal

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Made in Russia!

Uralets 220 KOMPANAL is the most advanced model of Uralets tractors! Produced in Russia! The model combines all the advantages of tractors with wheel locking “Uralets” 220B and hydroficated tractors “Uralets” 220 HYDRO an additional advantage of this model is the hydraulic steering wheel. And so before you the flagship of the plant “URALETS”!

The tractor is completed:

  • security arc;
  • a license plate bracket;
  • a fire extinguisher holder;
  • PSM ;
  • the recycling fee is paid, not separately allocated .
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What we have:

  • 22 horsepower under the hood,
  • 2 cylinder diesel liquid cooling,
  • rear drive,
  • differential lock
  • 4 hydraulics outlets,
  • quick-release hydraulics connection,
  • manipulator of hydraulic control from the tractor driver’s seat
  • power steering,
  • socket for trailer connection,
  • Trailer hitch (car tow hook as a separate option)
  • improved wheel disks as a result of a track of 1.4 meters
  • industrial rubber KAMA both behind and ahead
  • security arc (possibility of installing a plastic visor as an option)
  • stretching the wings reduces unnecessary vibration
  • Spare parts

All these innovations are in addition to the fact that the main cast and forged parts of the tractor were manufactured at the Uralets plant in the city of Emanzhelinsk, Chelyabinsk region. Details of the Urals correspond to the most up-to-date GOSTs in metalworking! Suppliers of aggregates for assembling the tractor are selected not so much at the minimum cost, but mainly for reliability in operation. We offer you to buy the most technically equipped tractor for quite reasonable money.

2 × 4 4 × 4
Tractive force on the hook (H) 3900  3900
Dimensions (mm) 2530x1200x1750 2760х1370х1820
Operating weight (kg) 960 990
Min. Turning radius (m) 3.9 3.9
Speed ​​(km / h) 2.47-27.35 27.35
Transmission (3 + 1) * 2 (3 + 1) * 2
type of drive 2×4 4х4
PTO shaft (rpm) (rpm) 540 540
Diesel vertical with water cooling TY295 TY295 / JD295
Number of cylinders 2 2
Power (hp / kW) 22 / 16,18 22 / 16,18
Turnovers (rpm) 2300
Fuel consumption (gr / kW * h) <259 <259
Start the engine electric starter electric starter
Separate braking of the rear wheels there is there is
Adjustable front wheel track (mm) 960 – 1300
Adjustable track of rear wheels (mm) 990 – 1250