Three-cylinder diesel КМ385ВT

137 900 руб.

The engine is equipped with an air intake system, an exhaust system, a coolant reservoir, etc.

This diesel is used on mini tractors of the Jinma JM-240 and JM-244 series, as well as on the DongFeng (DF) mini tractors.

Transmission of the torque from the motor shaft is carried out by means of a gear train.



A type vertical four-stroke
Fuel diesel
Cylinder arrangement in-line
Number of cylinders 3
Diameter of the cylinder (mm) 85
Piston stroke (mm) 90
Working volume (l) 1.532
Compression ratio 18: 1
Power (hp / kW) 24 / 17.8
Crankshaft speed (rpm) 2350
Fuel consumption at full load, not less than (g / kWh) 245
Oil consumption, not more than (g / kWh) 2.72
Ignition system direct injection
Cooling water
Start the engine electric starter
Volume of oil (l) 5
Net weight (kg) 165
Overall dimensions, mm) 569x525x604