Front loader mounted for minitractors Uralets

152 280 руб.

The front loader (bucket universal hinged), is designed for loading loose and lump materials, excavation work with unloading of soil in the dump or in vehicles, lay-out of sites, moving gravel, gravel, sand and other materials for short distances, as well as for construction and road , assembly and rigging works. It is aggregated with tractors Uralets-180 and Uralets-220.



Name  Value
Type of truck Mounted, hydraulic
Model PFN-UR-200
For the Uralets Minitractor 180 and 220
Grip in the front direction, mm. 1300
Bucket capacity, m3 0.16
Lifting height, mm. 2200
Carrying capacity, kg. до 250
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm. 3800х1300х1750
Weight, kg. 250
Number of staff 1 (tractor driver)