Seed mower

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Segment mowers have found wide application in domestic agriculture, since they are inexpensive, productive and reliable, and also easy to operate. The cantilevered segmental-finger mower produced by us is intended for beveling of grass on slopes, hills and other terrain relief. This mower is an analog of the mower, used on the tractor MTZ-82, but less grip.

On the mowers manufactured by the People's Republic of China: a knife ball, a connecting rod wooden, the connecting rod's metal cheeks with an inner sphere;

On the mowers produced by the Russian Federation: the connecting rod is metallic, on the knife the inner sphere with a hole under the square and on the connecting rod end is a square.

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Technical specifications of a segment mower
Model 9G-1.4 9G-1.6 RF 9G-1.8
Type cantilever mounted cantilever mounted cantilever mounted
Cutting apparatus sector-finger with a movable knife and fixed fingers with opposing plates, drive from tractor PTO
Drive unit Belting Belting Belting
Capture (m.) 1.4 1.6 1.8
Cutting height (mm.) 60 – 80 60 – 80 60 – 80
Hitch universal three-point universal three-point universal three-point
Drive the mower from PTO tractor (rpm) 540 540 540
Working speed (km / h) 6 – 10 6 – 10 6 – 10
Dimensions in working position (mm.) 2400х670х660 2600х670х660 2800х670х660
Dimensions in transport position (mm.) 880х670х1650 880х670х1850 880х670х2050
Weight (kg) 106 110 115