Excavator installation based on the tractor URALETS

163 200 руб.

The excavator is designed for mechanization of earthmoving and loading operations in industrial, civil and road construction, in municipal and agricultural sectors. Equipped with excavating and bulldozer equipment.

The excavator is designed to excavate soil not higher than the 2nd category, storing it in the immediate vicinity of the digging or loading site in a small vehicle.

To excavate heavier soils, the excavator can additionally be equipped with a narrow bucket (option).

For the development of swampy and viscous soils, the excavator bucket can be equipped with removable expanders (option).

Bulldozer equipment is intended for preliminary alignment of the site of soil development, backfilling of the excavation site, planning works.



The excavator unit is equipped with a trailing device, electrical outlet and a hydraulic outlet for towing a trailer-dumper with a gross mass of up to 1130kg with a transport position of excavating equipment.

Power excavator installation is carried out from the hydraulic system of the tractor or from an additional tank.

The design of the excavator allows:

  • to develop soil in cramped conditions;
  • when the digging axis is displaced relative to the tractor’s longitudinal axis, the soil is developed in close proximity to the walls of buildings and fences.
General characteristics
Basic tractor: small-sized wheel, “Uralets-180” or “Uralets-220”
Operating weight kg 1380
Hydraulic system:
– pressure in the hydraulic system kg / cm2 160
– Maximum hydraulic pump capacity (depending on the modification of the tractor) l / min 12 or 20
Максимально допустимая скорость движения km / hr 20
Possibility to transport trailer-dumper there is
·      maximum permissible trailer mass kg 1130
·      maximum permissible load on the DCS kg 150
·      type of trailer hitch 36 mm loop
·      trailer lifting / lowering control from the hydraulic system of the tractor
Characteristics of excavating equipment
Type of excavator equipment backhoe
Geometrical characteristics:
– A: digging radius mm 2816
– B: maximum digging height mm 2883
– C: maximum unloading height mm 1530
– D: maximum digging depth mm 1890
– angle of rotation of the boom in the horizontal plane deg. 170
– bucket opening angle deg. 21
– bucket angle deg. 180
– Bucket cutting edge width: mm
·      standard 310
·      narrow 210
– geometric bucket capacity: l.
·      standard 25
·      narrow 16
Rated capacity m3/hour 4,32
Characteristics of bulldozer equipment
Type of blade бульдозерный, прямой
Blade width mm 1210


Photo of buckets
Excavator installation based on the tractor URALETS
Excavator installation based on the tractor URALETS
Excavator installation based on the tractor URALETS
Excavator installation based on the tractor URALETS
Model Н18.06.100 Н18.06.100-01 Н18.06.120 Н18.06.130
Bucket Capacity (L) 25 16 35
Appointment ladle ladle ladle loading-planing loading bucket (straight shovel)
Price 8400 rub. 8400 rub.